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The New International Version of the Bible is the most
widely distributed and one of the easiest to read Bibles
available.  Helpful introductory notes for readers provide
answers to "How to read and enjoy the Bible" and "What
should I read when I feel...," as well as a three-page Bible
overview with a page of tips on "How to find your way
around the Bible." Plus a 17-page
This special One Minute Bible is especially
designed for new believers to guide them
through the early stages of spiritual
development, giving them a solid base for
further growth.
The world's best-selling Bible handbook is now even better!
Mears's classic has been completely updated and revised
to include feature articles on becoming a member of God's
family, selected readings and short book overviews to open
each chapter, a glossary for easy word identification, Bible
reading plans, new maps and charts, and more.
Great for people who are short on time but want to read the
Bible! These 366 concise and easy-to-understand readings
from Scripture are carefully selected and arranged to inspire,
encourage, and challenge your faith walk. Includes daily
reading plans, comfortable 12-point type, topical and Scripture
indexes and maps.
A conveniently sized book with the
complete NIV New Testament as well as
Psalms and Proverbs that is easy to carry
along in your pocket or backpack. may find one of these guides to be useful
To request your free Bible (and a Bible guide if you want one), simply
indicate your choices below, enter your name and address information
and click the "submit your request" button.  Please select only one from
each of the categories.
NIV Bible
What The BIble Is All
Pocket New Testament
with Proverbs and
The Illustrtated Bible
One Minute Bible
Users Guide To The
One Minute Bible for
New Believers
Please note
that we
cannot ship
outside the
St Louis
metro area
We will confirm your request via e-mail and follow-up to make
sure that you received it.

Your choice of Bible and/or guide will be sent to you via
parcel post within 7-10 days of your request.
International Students at SIUE!
You can receive a copy of the
Bible in your native language.

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to learn more!
If you want to understand the people, places, and things
of the Bible without wading through a long boring
reference book, then the Illustrated Bible Handbook may
be just what you are looking for. It is written especially for
the average, everyday Bible student and includes easy
to understand summaries of all 66 books and more than
100 full color illustrations.
If you found yourself standing in front of a shelf of 66 books
written over 1,000 years, where would you start reading?
The Bible is a library of 66 books written by a vast range of
authors in many different genres, including song lyrics,
poetry, prophecy, and story. User's Guide to the Bible
answers the key questions people ask about the Bible.
Miller also provides a handy synopsis of each of the 66
books in the Bible, highlighting the key points, main
characters, biggest scenes, and most famous passages in
each one.
Students at SIUE!
You can receive a
copy of the Bible in
your native language.

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