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Planting God's Word On The Campus Of SIU Edwardsville
Written by the counselors at the Christian Counseling and Educational
Foundation, these booklets address a wide range of topics and are intended to
minister the life-changing power of the Gospel to hurting people.

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Anger - Escaping The Maze
Angry At God? - Bring Him Your Doubts And Questions
Bad Memories - Getting Past Your Past
Depression - The Way Up When You Are Down
Forgiveness - I Just Can't Forgive Myself
God's Love - Better Than Unconditional
Guidance - Have I MIssed God's Best
Just One More - When Desires Don't Take No For An Answer
Motives - Why Do I Do The Things I Do
O.C.D. - Freedom For The Obsessive Compulsive
Pornography - Slaying The Dragon
Priorities - Mastering Time Management
Procrastination - First Steps To Change
Self-Injury - When Pain Feels Good
Sexual Sin - Combating The Drifting And The Cheating
Stress - Peace And Pressure
Suffering - Eternity Makes A Difference
Thankfulness - Even When It Hurts
Why Me - Comfort For The Victimized
Worry - Pursuing A Better Path To Peace
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