Sowers Seed Ministries
Greg Walz, Director
4752 Nameoki Road - Granite City IL   62040
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Sowers Seed Ministries
Planting God's Word On The Campus Of SIU Edwardsville
Here's what students are saying about Sowers Seed Ministries -

“Thank you so,so much! You have such a wonderful ministry!” – CS

“Hey I just wanted to let you know that I received my books today, and I am happy
and thankfull for sowersseed ministry and the availability of this biblical material. I
think that it is awesome. Thank You.” – ES

“Thank you so much for the books. I'm sure my family and I will enjoy them.” – AW

"I have received a book from you guys before. The books are very helpful in
helping me grow in my faith life. I appreciate that I am able to receive these books.
When I’m done I try to pass them on to friends I think would enjoy them.” – MT

“This (study Bible) would be a great resource for myself and hopefully will help
guide me to a better Christian walk.  I've been struggling to find the money to buy
a new study bible.  This is truly a blessing.” – DW

“Thank you so much for all that you do in lives of believers.” – CS

“I would like to thank you for the Bible studies that you helped me recieve today. I
am truly grateful” – CB

“Thanks for everything you guys do.” – DM

“I don't know if I have said this before or not but I and I'm sure many others are
very appreciative of the work that you do on campus. So thanks!” – IM

“Honestly, it is really cool what you are doing and I am definitely praying for your
ministry as you provide Bibles to guys who are genuinely putting them to great
use!” – EZ

“I just received my books and can't wait to begin reading! Thank you so much for
your ministry! You are truly doing something special here at SIUE. :) “ – AN

“Thank you very much for freely providing these resources.” – GC

“Hey, Greg … thank you so very much for the books. These books are amazing
and will defiantly help me broaden my faith. It is such a blessing for all of us SIUE
students to have you helping all of us. Thank you so very much!!!!! God bless. –

"I don't know how you do this, but I think it is awesome. Thanks so much." - SC

"I just wanted to thank you for my study bible. I got it today! So excited to crack it
open!." - VW

“Thanks a lot for this! I've been looking for a good bible for about a week and a
half now after starting (to attend) a bible study here on campus. I really do
appreciate how much you helped me out!.” – LP

“Greg, I just want to thank you.  The books I have received from you are great.  I
just want you to know that this ministry that you have going has been a huge help
for me.  I cannot get my hands on enough resources to learn about Jesus Christ,
and money is an issue for me.  Through your ministry I am able to learn more
about Christ.  Thank you!” – BH

"It is a blessing when people like you come into young adults' lives and try to
guide and make a difference for the better." -- DW

"Thanks a lot for that devotional book! I'm really loving getting into it and I'm finally
getting back into some regular Bible reading." - AM

"This ministry is an amazing thing for everyone to grab hold of and learn more
about the God that loves us all." - DW

"“Thanks so much! God bless the work you are doing for our eternal Kingdom!” -

" i can't thank you enough for sending this (devotional) to me. I really appreciate
it." - KC

“I got my devotional and I am really excited about it. Thanks for sending it to me
and to all the people who you are reaching out to.” – JW

"Thank you so much for the devotional book. I really look forward to reading it!!
Your ministry is great and I appreciate all you do!" -- JC

"I have received books from your ministry previously and this is a great way to
help college students grow in the Lord." -- DM

"I've been reading these books almost more than I read my text books, and
surprisingly, I've gotten better grades in the process! I love these books!" - CD

"Thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated!" - AH

"Hey, we can get these for free? That's awesome!" -- AS

"Thank you so much for the Free Devotional. It's going to be good!!!!!" - BB

"I want to say how much I appreciate all you do for our campus and the outreach
to its students." - DF

"Thank you very much! God bless you and Sowers Seed Ministries!!!
- BS

"Thanks so much for these free resources. A broke Christian college student like
me really appreciates them!" - CD

"Thank you so much for the books ..... I know God will use them in big ways!" -

"Thank you very much! These are all books that I have been wanting to read for
some time, but never got the chance to go and get!" - EK

"I would like to again thank you for your ongoing support of our club football team
at SIUE. Your contributions to our organization have been greatly appreciated.
The meal and devotional books that you provided for our team again this year
helped us get the season off to a successful start!" – Tony Uzzo, SIUE Club
Football Team President

"What you do for college kids is quite a blessing and I know we thank you all so
very much. The Lord is working through you by providing these sound biblical
books for us. Thank you, really. " - EM

"Hey I want to thank you for the ESV study Bible you gave me. It took me a while
to get the courage to open it up, because it was distracting with all the extra
information on he bottom of the pages. However it is a great Bible now that i have
finally started to dig into it. Thanks a ton!" - KF

"Thanks so much for the books! I really appreciate the awesome stuff you guys
are doing! " - EZ

"Thank you so much for this book (How To Stay Christian In College). I feel like it
will really help me this year." - MT